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09 March –

Discover how to innovate your card issuing systems with our new video

Learn, in two minutes, how the Pismo platform can help you to offer the payment methods and cards that your customers will love

Fernanda Testa

Pismo has released a new video to help you offer your customers the best experience on card issuing and payment processing.

We all know the Covid-19 pandemic caused drastic changes in several fields, including financial wellbeing. Since then, financial institutions have had to reflect on how to support those changes and deal with the transformation we face.

Customers are looking more and more for real-time frictionless transactions to meet their expectations when paying for something. They also want the security of virtual cards and digital wallets and the convenience of contactless payment methods.

And it’s up to financial institutions to offer the best features on banking apps and credit cards to attract these customers.

Ultra-modern card issuing platform

Pismo has the ideal platform for financial institutions to build their card issuing systems with rich features. Through our ecosystem, it’s possible to rapidly issue all types of cards, with features like dynamic CVV, real-time location data, dynamic spending rules, and so on.

Our feature-rich cloud-native platform has instant scalability and is available worldwide. It is easy to implement and run, and it has native integrations with card embossers and anti-fraud services.

Watch our two minute video to learn more:

Talk to our experts and learn how we can help you take your payments systems to the next level.

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